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"I feel hesitant to even post this, as I don't want the secret to get out... I have been with a total of 4 escorts. This was BY FAR the best experience I've had or could imagine having. Not rushed, truly a GFE - kissing, took it slow - not slutty, just in to it like high school sex. Answered the door in an awesome outfit, took our time- probably laughed for 20 minutes. We went over an hour and she never seemed to be kicking me out the door. Girl is like a drug - didn't want to leave. Only problem with her is that she ruin you for anyone else... Really great experience - opened door in phenomenal outfit and big smile. Actually has a personality - would absolutely take her on a dinner date and not be worried about her keeping company in any setting. About as close to a girlfriend experience as could be imagined."


"Booking with Nicoletta was very easy. Once I arrived to the hotel, she texted me the room number. She opened the door to reveal one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen. She was dressed in little clothing, greeted me in and we exchanged pleasantries. It appears that she travels with her small dog, but it was like it wasnt even there; very friendly. The experience as a whole was great, we chatted and got to know each other, and then got down to it. non-vips, nicoletta is great, very friendly and most importantly, gorgeous. I will repeat whenever shes in town; the experience was unforgettable."


"I was on a semi-vacation in D.C. I don't really do this much at home anymore but when I'm out of town I decided to spoil myself a bit. And wow did Nicoletta ever spoil me!! I can't say anything more in this section but Nicoletta is definitely a top tier lady. I've been checking in on her schedule here and there to see if she might visit my area. I hope to and will definitely repeat if she come close to where I might be."


"Nicoletta is a great time, light screening as her ad says and very communicative. I highly recommend this young vixen, she blew me a way with her kindness and passion. Run don't walk to see her. We had a great time and I'm sure you will too!"


"On the whole, the experience was about an awesome as you can get with someone you've just met. She's gorgeous. She's attentive to detail and professional in all the ways big and small that it matters. And she's an incredibly talented sexual chameleon, switching between aggressive and fast paced to slow and submissive depending on your mood. That kind of intuition and is rare, not the mention the ability to be compelling and satisfying in different speeds. Ultimately, it seems like she's a giver, who wants to engage you in a complete emotional and physical fantasy and wants to have some fun alongside you in the process. By the end, I felt rejuvenated and fulfilled and had used my whole time without a hint of a rush. Seriously, do yourself the favor and go see her. You definitely will not regret it."


"Met Nicoletta for hour long appointment at upscale hotel in Secaucus area. Setting up appointment was via email, included easy screening with references. She texts me 5 mins into scheduled time and gives the room number. She is a hot white chick with perfect ass and nice boobs. Non VIPs, I would recommend her if you are a ass lover & would like to spank her a lot. VIPs read on.."

"I had been wanting to see Nicoletta for quite some time. Our schedules finally were compatible and we setup a date and time. She does some light screening but for her own safety and the process is fair. After a few texts and e-mails during the week, she gave me the address of the hotel a few hours before we met. When I arrived, I contacted her. She came down to meet me. We went to her room and talked for a little while. When I first saw her, I was not disappointed. She has a great body and a pretty face to match. She has a little lap dog who is also friendly, just like Nicoletta. She changed into something different and we got comfortable on the bed. We kissed and things got very hot from there. She is definitely not a clock watcher and my experience with her was awesome. It seemed like we knew each other for a long time. I felt very comfortable with her and will definitely see her again."


"Gents.. This lady is a true treasure....a definite repeater. She is exactly as represented in her photos. Hotel was clean and safe and she is a absolute treasure. Treat her well. Entered the room to find Nicky in a one piece lacy outfit. She is one of those providers that should never wear cloths. Her body is simply to die for. After a quick clean up in the shower, we sat on the bed and got the events started with some nice kissing. We then progressed to what I can only explain as one of the best BJ's I have ever experienced. The perfect combination of eye contact, slurping, spit, hand action and moaning (extra oral vibrations) ever. Oh..Did I mention she is a former gymnast (nuff said). Mostly a 1 pop person here so we had some great conversation and then I was off for a say of constant smiling and a few missed turns on the way home."


"I contacted Nicholetta through her website to arrange a meeting. Screening was relatively painless, done primarily through trading emails. Once I passed we set up a meeting for a few days later at her incall location. Standard two call/text system to get the hotel and then room number and I was on my way in right at the appointed time. She answered the door wearing some stunning lingerie and I have to say I was super excited to see her in person (her pictures are fantastic, but she is even better in the flesh). Non-VIPs I will absolutely repeat as I had a great time!"


"When I realized she was going to be in the same town as me, I jumped at the opportunity and set up an appointment. I have noticed her ads and was hoping one day our travels would cross paths. I am so glad to have finally met her. I asked her to be casual and inconspicuous and she showed up just like I asked. She looked fantastic. She was wearing a pretty blouse and snug white jeans that wrapped her awesome curves. She's very pretty, lots of fun, and has a beaming, radiant smile. She looks just like her pictures. Her pictures are hot and she sizzles in person. For those who can't read the juicy details, let me just say that she's way, way better than porn. . .I don't mean to imply that she's remarkably freaky or has no boundaries. When I say that she's better than porn, I mean she oozes with sensuality and is one of the most naturally erotic women I have ever met. Her facial expressions, her passionate purrs, and occasional whispers of dirty talk are just toe curling."